Whisk.com – Work from 2019 – 2020

Project: Whisk.com


Whisk turns any recipe into a shopping list.

Powered by the world’s most intelligent food platform,
Whisk curates, guides and offers customers a more connected, seamless and informed food journey.

As Head of design,  I was responsible to grow the team of designers and user researchers and lead the team to a public beta release of a brand new iOS, android and mobile web site, my.whisk.com.


Role: Global Head of design

Platforms: iOS, Android, Web

Regions: Global

Design Interaction Pattern Library for iOS Whisk app.

Nutrition on Any Recipe

When users Whisk a recipe, they can view a unique health score and view all of the ingredients as it contributes to that health score.

Nutrition for Thousands of Items

Whisk's food Genome has a database mapping of hundreds of thousands of items.

Save it for Later

Save the recipe to Whisk so you can make it later or edit it to make it healthier.

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