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Trōv – Work from 2015 – 2018

Project: Trov (

2015-2018: Trov builds software at the intersection of people and their things.

Trov is the world’s first on-demand insurance for single items. Trov’s mission was to make protecting your things simple and flexible, so you can enjoy them without worrying about rigid policies and confusing fine print.

With Trōv, you’ll be able to insure just the things you want—exactly when you want—entirely from your phone.


ROLE: Chief Experience Officer.

Global head of design, product strategy, marketing and PR.

Product: iOS, Android, Web
Regions AU, UK, US

Swipe to Protect -

A simple gesture was designed to turn protection on/off. “Tinder for Insurance‘ is what several journalists called Trov, as an expression of simplicity and innovation in a 300 year old industry, ripe for change and control by a new generation.

Trov would call that generation, the ‘Untethered’.

Choose your Protection

A simple slider controls your deductible and the protection you desire. Inpsired by other consumer apps that show trade-offs in the simple gesture to evaluate the desired service.

Whenever you Need it.

Whether it’s for a year, a season or a session, turn protection on exactly when you need it—no strings or long-term contracts attached.

‘The Untethered’ Concept Video. (Used to inspire and provoke a new Ambassador program)


2017  Honoree
Financial Services / Banking

2017 / Yellow Pencil
Digital Design / Service Design / 

2017 / Service Design Award

Protect what you want, when you want, for whatever duration you need. becomes and destintation for item protection for electronics and camera gear.

2017 Product Vision video. Produced by Sandwich Video and executed for US 2018 launch.

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