VUVOX was an online application to create “amazing-looking” slideshows and presentations all for free.

Collect your media from anywhere you keep them; online or your computer. Publish them online in a blog or website. 

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Getting Started @ 2.0


DEMO: This video shows the Collage product we designed, which was an impressive storytelling tool that could allow an embedded player to live on any website. The tool became popular with multimedia photographers, journalists and a few skateboarding companies.

Role: Co-Founder, Head of Product & Design




3 Ways to Create

VUVOX become an online destination to create and share rich media. As we tested and learned about our audience, we evolved each product quickly and learned from how our customers used it.


One example of a ‘style’ was an interface to build a tree. Media would ‘blossom’ from the tree. The tree could be placed anywhere on an existing photograph.


We watched what everyone was doing.. and wanted to design a creation tool that enabled things we had never seen before. From this idea we enlisted some of the best code artists in the world and commissioned them to do ‘styles’ for us.

Styles were essentially creative ways to display images and video. Much more than templates.

GUI screens

Some of the screenshots from the VUVOX creation tools.





In June 2008, VUVOX was acquired by ebay inc.
Our team was immediately leveraged to create what has become ebay Fashion, Motors & Electronics.

But we’re the most proud of our impact on ebay Mobile.

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