Smarter Objects

In 2001, a small team was incubated from Microsoft Research to create hardware & software for Glanceable experiences. Their first product would be the SPOT watch, (Smart Personal Objects Technology). I was part of the first 7 people hired into the group. We grew it to be over 70 just two years later. I had the privilege to run the design & user interface teams and ultimately lead the Industrial designs for some amazing reference hardware.

Partners included Suunto, Swatch, Fossil and Citizen. Industrial design partner was BMW | Designworks.

Smart Fob for Ski & Snow conditions

Smart Personal Objects

Hardware concepts that show contextual information across several ‘channels’ – In this example, Snow conditions are shown.

Multiple Lifestyles

Concepts included several form factors to accomodate lifestyles from several types of personas. This form factor was designed for women.

Smart Fob On the town
Smart Fob with Leather

Integrated into your Life

The technology was designed to receive only, so the smart fob was designed as an accessory to keys or to hang off a purse or garment.

Ergonomic Design

Ergonomics are considered for this smart fob, to allow a comfortable form to interact with and handle to accompany car keys.

Ergonomic Smart Keyfob

At the CES Keynote in 2002, Bill Gates stood on stage to present the vision for the SPOT watch and the technology platform.