A Grand Stage

Executive leadership asked me to create a visual identity and narrative around this new shared purpose. The impending execution resulted in a CEO narrative, video executions, event campaigns and an internal microsite to communicate the company’s Shared Purpose.


A Shared Purpose


Challenge: After 18 years, ebay inc was ready to re-connect with it’s purpose. This project focused on the visual expression and communication of a new set of behaviors aligned under a new purpose:

Role: Director, Brand Experience



An Impactful Day

Leader’s day at ebay was about designing a moment in time. On this day I was asked to help architect the visual communication of the communication and expression of our new ‘Shared Purpose’ for 1700 Global Leaders. Deliverables included Visual Presentations & several videos that were communicated on that day.

The Blueprints of Commerce

As the visual vocabulary began to take shape, a ‘sketch’ look began to emerge. Many of the visual communications took on a style that showed a company sketching out the future of connected commerce.

Creative Development

Some of the treatments that went into the development of creating the Shared Purpose visual language & events.

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