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Extraordinary. Change.

I’ve never seen so much change happen so fast. From inception to massive momentum in just 6 months. Amazing.

- John Maeda

Chair, eBay inc Design Advisory Board

Activate Design

Design Challenge: In January 2014, I received a charge from eBay’s CEO to strengthen eBay Inc.’s global innovation capability through design thinking. Read Case Study, Stanford GSB

Realizing that eBay’s external brand for design was only as strong as its internal design community, I built out a strategy based on four key initiatives:

  1. Strengthen Community
  2. Improve Talent Pipeline
  3. Create Playbook:
  4. Build external Reputation

Role: Design Leader. Director of  Global Brand Experience


Pockets of Design


STEP 1: Find Every Designer at eBay inc. 

Ebay had made dozens of acquisitions across several continents. There were hundreds of designers the world over who didn’t even know each other existed. The first step in building the community was finding the community. I quickly worked with other design leaders and Human Resources to find every designer across each of ebay’s business units.

The next step was to talk to them…



Get the Community Talking

We made it our mission to speak with every single designer in the organization within three months, through a series of interviews and gatherings. We pulled out themes, challenges, and pockets of brilliance. We enabled designers to share their stories through a number of platforms, revealing the work they were already doing to each other and bringing the community together.

Memorable Events

I had the privilege to plan the very first cross- business Design and Product Summit, bringing together 85% of the Design community with their product counterparts for an impactful day of presentations and discussion of how they can create greatness together. The whole of the community was felt under one roof.

Role: Design Leader, Event Producer & Organizer

Space Matters


Almost nothing fosters a creative culture more than the space you collaborate within. It was clear from our community that we needed to breathe new life into some of our workspaces.  I produced the video and fostered internal dialogue that helped our design leaders make progress on several groundbreaking new studio spaces.



A Celebration of Design

At the end of 2014, we had a very special ceremony to celebrate a year of #activatedesign and the momentum generated by these cumulative efforts. The Salon dinner was hosted by John Maeda and CEO John Donahoe. The dinner was a proud capstone moment for our global design community and the progress of 2014.

Role: Design Leader, Event Producer & Organizer


Playbook: A Published Point of View

With and, we announced our intentions to the world. These destinations articulated the excitement of designing for commerce and payments, the design principles we rally around, and celebrated our designers publicly. These are two living, breathing sites, intended to evolve and grow.
Dane Howard and John Maeda on Bloomberg West





This work is now a Design Case Study At the Stanford Graduate School of Business, with much thanks to Jennifer Aaker.